how-to-make-it-rain-housewifeswag.mp4 [68.20MB] - (on these hoes) Hey y’all it’s me Taylor and today ManyVids announced that they are keeping the 80% payout on the Make It Rain feature INDEFINITELY so I thought I would quickly walk you through how to tip this way since sometimes people are confused or can’t figure it out. We’re going to start this by assuming you already have a model chosen that you want to tip (if you don’t, there are tons of beautiful and talented people on MV so you have options) Once you’ve picked the model you want to Make It Rain on, you’re going to click on their profile and look for their profile picture on the left hand side When you see that, you’re going to scroll down a little until you see Make It Rain! in PINK letters You’ll get a pop up of options ranging from $5-$1000, select what you’d like to tip and then click continue (checkout), and you’ll be in your cart! Now you just checkout using the payment method of your choice and that’s it. The other option for this is to go to And that's it. You’ve just tipped your favorite model and made them smile because they get 80%! Go you. I hope this helped and I'll see you next time byeeee. includes: manyvids giving us 80% cause that's bomb, make it rain, not spons, but this is easier than trying to explain it to each person that asks me, pay ur faves ok, i love your face,

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HWSN After Hours Holiday Edition! Today's Special is a BODY MASSAGER. HWSN customer favorite host, Taylor, is here today to show you how amazing this magic wand is and what it can do. We take a testimonial call from Susan in Wyoming and then we segue into today's LIGHTNING DEAL! Today's lightning deal is a book that is actual trash so Taylor takes it upon herself to show how HOT this book is (by lighting it on fire)... then we have some technical difficulties and switch to a Shake your tiddies Weight commercial* before resuming the broadcast and then showcasing how powerful the body massager is. (ok hi so this is an HSN parody, obvs, and I am selling you a hitachi... we take a testimonial call and then my producer tells me that we are switching to our lightning deal of the day which happens to be 50 shades of gray. I talk about how this book is not romantic and how it is not an accurate representation of BDSM or a safe, consensual relationship sooo I burn it. Then we switch to a commercial where I use the shake weight just for the tiddie jiggle then we come back and I cum for you using the hitachi. tadaaa! ok love your face thanks bye) Includes: bbw, bbw of the year, big boobs, big tits, parody, hwsn, cosplay, costume, christmas, holiday, stripper ugly christmas sweater, with elves making it rainnnn on that ho, ho ho, susan from wyoming, hello caller, bow earrings, a lav mic, complimentary wind sometimes but it gets better, cue cards, hitachi, body massager, shake weight, tiddie jiggle, boob jiggle, you get a whole ass commercial in this, i know, a lighter, 50 shades of gray, which btw, is fucking trash, in case i haven't said it enough, HWSN card, apply today, orgasm, face fetish, love you, bye,