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[874.29MB] Cute Amateur Tattooed Girl Modeling Nude True Amateur Models

My name is Sage and I am 20 years old. I had a nice time at the amateur modeling shoot, and that was also the very first time I'd ever done anything like that before! Now I have a bunch of modeling pictures and even this video of me that I'll be able to save for a long time! The shoot was a lot of fun and I am looking forward to shooting again for the site! As far as how I became involved with this whole amateur modeling shoot in the first place, I wanted to go to a show one night, which was a concert type of show that featured a band that I listen to quite a bit. They're just a local heavy metal band, but I still like their music a lot. Since they're just a local band that hasn't become a major act, they just play in bars and nightclubs. I was at the show the other night and that's where I met Ray Edwards, the photographer for True Amateur Models! He was standing beside the stage, and as soon as I walked over toward him, he started talking to me about the band that was playing that night. About 15 minutes later, we started discussing his modeling shoots, as well as the 350+ amateur models that he has conducted shoots with. I mean, I really wasn't sure what to say because I had never had anyone ask me to model nude before, but then again, the idea seemed exciting! As you can see for yourself, I decided to go ahead and do the modeling! I'm just a regular and amateur girl that decided to go out and check out a band one evening, and before I knew it, I was stripping down nude and spreading apart my ass! I must admit, it does make me a bit horny thinking about a bunch of guys out there watching my amateur nude modeling video! I hope that you all enjoy my amateur and nude modeling video, and I also have 647 high-resolution (2000x1500) modeling pictures too!

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[1.93GB] Lola Modeling Nude - Masturbating Vagina True Amateur Models

My name is Lola and I am 19 years old. The modeling was a lot of fun and I have never done nude modeling before, so I sure hope that I did ok with my modeling shoot! Ray Edwards (photographer and male talent for the porn industry) said that I did well, so I hope that you all enjoy my pictures! Ray and I met each at a department store. I was in there last week and I saw a pink shirt that I really liked a lot so I had been planning on going back and buying it. I remember seeing Ray walking around the women's clothing section. I didn't pay much attention at first because I just figured he was looking for an outfit for a girlfriend or some other female that he may have known, but then he walked right up to me and started talking to me! At first, he just casually spoke about the outfits that I had been browsing through, and since he seemed like a nice enough guy, I really didn't mind talking with him. To make a long story short, he spoke with me about his nude modeling shoots and I was totally interested! I also sucked his cock really well after the modeling shoot, but those pictures are on the True Amateur Models website. However, in this video, not only will you see me modeling nude, but you will also see me masturbating in front of Ray while he recorded all of the action! I was just so horny after spreading my legs and modeling nude, I thought that it would be fun to play with myself and to make myself cum in front of someone. I have always wanted to masturbate in front of a guy before, and on that particular day, my fantasy came true! Would you like to see me modeling nude (many CLOSEUP shots of my ASSHOLE) as well as play with myself until I make myself cum?