[275.65MB] Queen farts POV part 4 - Manuela A

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queen-farts-pov-part-4-manuela-a.mp4 [275.65MB] - Manuela enters the room she is full of gas, lies on her side in bed and farts, looks at you and tells you to smell, smell her, her aroma, she keeps farting, her farts are very stinky, she stays on all fours continues to fart , farts in the hand, tells you to smell it, stands up, takes off your clothes, puts your hand on the wall and farts more, they are strong, puts your leg on the bench, opens your ass wide and farts, your ass opens wide, it goes to the end from the bed lies on his stomach, belly tucked against the nurse's edge with his feet out of bed, opens his butt and farts, his farts are very stinky, even so she tells you to smell it very closely, tells you to put your nose in her ass, until she is relieving herself, she lets out a long and loud one and leaves the room, leaving you feeling her aroma and wanting more...

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