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lingerie-clad-nun-reviews-butt-plugs-ariel-anderssen.mp4 [1.55GB] - I've got a secret! Under my voluminous nun's habit, I'm wearing a decidedly kinky, lace nun outfit! Sheer thong panties, a cupless bra, seamed black stockings and waist cincher suspender belt with chain garters! Ooh, and a white lace slave collar too. What could be a more perfect outfit for trying out all my new butt plugs? I'm so excited! Starting with a fairly small, jeweled plug, I progress to my larger, glass one, which hurts more but makes me feel satisfyingly stretched and full! I make sure you get a great view as I progress to a very naughty, tunnel plug that makes me feel so exposed and kinky! I love the feeling of butt plugs, especially the bigger, scarier ones that make me feel like I'm being punished for being SUCH A NAUGHTY NUN! I change the tunnel plug for an even bigger steel one with a bell - extra naughty! I gyrate around and shake my ass for you, trying to make the bell ring. This is all so naughty and sexy! And then I try the most exciting plug of all - an expanding, locking steel plug that you can open up inside you and lock so that you won't be able to get it out again! This is such an exciting feeling - would you like to be my key holder? I must get to morning prayers so I need to get dressed again. But I can't bear to leave all this wonderful sexual experimentation behind. I remove the locking plug and replace it with a slim steel one with a chain tail. It feels so kinky, and I love the fact that you can almost hear it as I walk. What a thrill! And how about if I added these agonising claw shaped nipple clamps under my habit too? Especially if I add bells to them - I'll have to walk very slowly and carefully to avoid giving myself away. And how deliciously perverted of me to be walking around the abbey in SM gear under my habit. What a naughty girl I am!

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