sweet-dreams-wonder-misty-cali-logan.mp4 [668.31MB] - As Misty Lovelace gets ready for her day to take down the evil white cloth villain she talks on the phone and gets her pantyhose on. Misty already has her shirt but she is ready to complete her outfit so she can put this evil villainess away, Vonka Romanov. Misty tells her friend on the phone that this woman is looking at some time once they finally catch her. Misty ends her call and gets ready to leave. Only thing stopping her is this white cloth villain. Vonka comes out from hiding and takes her nemisis down. No way will she be going down for her crimes she is having too much fun. Vonka brings the knocked out Misty back onto herself and checks Misty's chin and eyes to see if she is really out. And of course she knows but she takes pleasure in verifying her every move. She then has a little treat for Misty. Some more pantyhose. Only this pair will be going around her mouth. Vonka moves on and checks Misty's limp body for any tension just so she can make sure she is out. Vonka removes Misty's heels one by one and even rubs her foot in an attempt to tickle her to see if that could wake her up. It doesn't so she moves forward to going and ragdolling Misty so that she can take her top and bra off. After Vonka removes Misty's bra she wakes up. Misty tries to crawl her way out of there but she is to groggy to make any real progress. Vonka pulls her white cloth out and a piece of tape. Vonka will be getting away again. This clip runs 12 minutes long with superheroine, resting fetish, knockouts, pantyhose, stripping, limp fetish, bra & panties, female domination, pantyhose gag, nylon gag, eye crossing. Starring Misty Lovelace and Vonka Romanov

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Spider Girl Busted with Cali Cali Logan08:27944.99MB

[944.99MB] Spider Girl Busted with Cali Cali Logan

It looks like Spider Girl (Cali Logan) finally has you all to herself and is ready to bring you into prison! Your dastardly tactics breaking into banks and foiling the police looks like it’s going to meet its end! However, you being the evil Green Goblin have the edge of speed and cunning on your side! Spider Girl tells you to put your hands up and fight like a man, which you are more than happy to oblige! She throws a few punches at your head that you just dodge and laugh at. Thinking that was just pure luck, Spider Girl tries to through more punches at you but you dodge and counter, punching her hard in her sternum and knocking her back! Clearly, she was not ready for this kind of fight, but Spider Girl isn’t about to take this battle lying down! She does her best to fight back and put in some fighting effort, but you are much too quick for her and you end up grabbing her by her crotch and squeeze hard into her tight red leotard outfit and press as hard as you can until she begs for you to let her go, her crotch in complete and utter pain! You decide to let her go after a few agonizing moments, but then you bury a few well-placed kicks to her belly and crotch in good measure to show her who’s boss! The pain still visible in her face, Spider Cali tries to fight you again but you grow tired of her futile attempts and gran her crotch again and the start to rub it slowly up and down, making Spider Girl forget what trouble she got herself into and instead enjoy the slow buildup of your green hand on her crotch, rubbing harder up and down. When she’s in her weakest state at the edge of climaxing, you push her down to the ground and place a few well deserved kicks to her crotch before pushing hard on it! The painful sensation on her crotch is so great that it immobilizes her completely and she can only lie there in pleading pain as you smile and leave her in your hideout to tend to more important matters! This clip runs 8 minutes long and contains superheroines, supervillains, crotch rubbing, crotch busting, and POV.

No Sex in the Champagne Room Cali Logan15:491.75GB

[1.75GB] No Sex in the Champagne Room Cali Logan

Cali wanted to surprise her lady friend Vonka with a special treat tonight! She decides to bring Vonka to the seclusive area of the strip club known as the “champagne room” No, it’s been an unwritten rule that there is to be no sex in the champagne room for as long as champagne rooms have been a thing, but that won’t stop Cali from getting frisky with Vonka since they seem to have the place to themselves! Both Dressed in sexy dresses that are slaying for a night out, Cali sits Vonka down in the VIP chair in the champagne room and starts to slowly tease and strip for her, showing Vonka how a sexy striptease is done! Before long, both of them are rubbing and grinding against each other, stripping off each other’s clothes, and kissing and fondling each other as they get more and more into this sexy idea of having this place all to themselves! There’s plenty of groaning, gasping, eye contact, breast rubbing, and even some gentle clit and pussy rubbing and licking! This has been an excellent evening out for both of them and just when things are really starting to get heated, they hear footsteps and do their best to hide behind plants and doors. In comes the site owner, who sees the women’s dresses and underwear laying on the expensive rug on the floor and shakes his head in disgust. He knows all too well how much Cali has been leaving her clothes behind in past visits and goes out to look for her. With him gone, both Cali and Vonka come out from behind their hiding places, completely naked and embarrassed as they try to get out through the service elevator. As soon as the door opens to the elevator, they are greeted by the site owner who lets them know he just threw their clothes out because too much stuff gets left behind. Now even more embarrassed, Vonka and Cali skulk away in shame knowing how much of a bad idea this was and that this will be a night they will never forget! This clip runs 15 minutes long and contains stripping, female nudity, teasing, tit and pussy caressing and rubbing, female naked embarrassment, and voyeurism.