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this-bride-is-your-fucktoy-ahegao-pack-nicolebelle.mp4 [2.92GB] - The BRIDE is getting ready for her wedding! She spends a minute adjusting her makeup and accessories in front of a mirror so we get a nice view of her. She lifts her hand and looks at her engagement ring and smiles. BRIDE: “From Ms. to Mrs! Oh, I’m so lucky!” Someone enters the room. She thinks it’s a bridesmaid coming to get her. BRIDE: “Almost ready! I’ll have the dress on in a few minutes.” Then she turns around. It’s not a bridesmaid, it’s a man she doesn’t recognize! She tries to cover herself up. BRIDE: “Hey, you can’t be in here! Are you a friend of my fiancee?” BRIDE: “What?? No I do NOT want to see your… your… dick!” She narrows her eyes and shakes her head in disbelief at what the man is saying. BRIDE: “I don’t care how big it is, nobody has an irresistible magic cock. Look, it’s my WEDDING day, so I can assure you I am NOT interested. Now put that camera away and stop bothering… bother...” The man has pulled his cock out. Her jaw drops and she stares in awe. BRIDE: “Oh my… it IS rather big...” In a daze, she slips off her chair to kneel in front of the cock. She grasps it and slowly strokes it, staring in fascination. BRIDE: “It’s magnificent…” She keeps stroking slowly until the cock twitches and she suddenly realizes what she’s doing. She stops stroking but is still holding the cock, staring at it in horror. BRIDE: “No wait, I didn’t mean to! I would never cheat on my husband! Don’t cum, don’t cum!” But the cock spurts over her lips and at the first taste she’s hit by the cum of the irresistible magic cock. Her eyes roll back and her body shivers and twitches for a moment. BRIDE: “Oohhh yessssss” She blinks and looks up at him with big trusting eyes and a smile. BRIDE: “Mmmm… I’m sorry I doubted you sir… your cock is magnificent...” BRIDE: “What? ... yes sir, I’m getting married tomorrow. Yes, I’m still a virgin. I’m saving myself for my husband... “ BRIDE: “Well, yes I want to be good in bed. Practice? But I’m saving myself... oh, it doesn’t count if it’s practice! Of course! Thank you! What should I do first? Oh you’re right, my boobs will look much better like that…” She removes her bra BRIDE: “I should suck you? And rub my pussy?” She leans forward and begins to stroke and suck him. She rises on her knees and widens her stance. She reaches down and rubs her pussy under her lace panties while she sucks. BRIDE (in between sucking): “Mmmm... your cum is like electricity… It goes straight to my clit… and my tits… please let me make you cum again...” Soon the cock spurts again and she makes an AHEGAO face in pleasure while furiously rubbing her pussy as she orgasms as well. BRIDE: “Yes! I’m so happy I can please you master! Oh, you’re still so hard… Your cock is amazing… ” SCENE CHANGE: Bride lies down with her legs spread. BRIDE: “And I’ll still be a virgin? As long as I don’t cum, right?” She slips off her panties. The cock pushes into her. She can barely get words out. BRIDE: “Oh yes! Oh its…. Uh… so good… wait… I think… I’m going to cum… oh… I shouldn’t… oh yes, yes!” The bride makes an AHEGAO face and has an orgasm. BRIDE: “Oh I came… so I’m all yours, master! I’m your little slut. Fill me with your hot cum!” Bride proceeds to ride him cowgirl style. BRIDE: “You took my pussy first master! I’m your little fucktoy now!” Bride bends over, offering her pussy for him to take from behind. BRIDE: “Take me master! I’m yours to use however you like!” Bride kneels and takes cumshot after cumshot. She cups it between her breasts. She licks it off her fingers. She rubs it over her body. BRIDE: “I want all your yummy cum, master!”

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